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Wide Product Range

We Provide a wide range of electronic components in a variety of brands, categories, and standards. Customers will find it convenient to locate all of their necessary components in one location as a result.

High-Quality Assurance:

By collaborating with reliable suppliers and putting strict quality control procedures in place, you can ensure the reliability and authenticity of your electronic components. This helps build trust with customers

Competitive Pricing:

We guarantee affordable prices without sacrificing quality.For the purpose of ensuring that consumers are getting the greatest deal, we have a price-matching policy in place at our company

About Us

Logitech International

Logitech International provides a wide variety of Connectors, Terminals, Relays, MOV, IC’s, Tantalum Capacitors, SMD Active and Passive Components used in various applications & industry verticals; including Automotive, Railway, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Defence, Industrial, Networking and Medical, to name a few.

Our Vision

Being the top supplier of cutting-edge electrical components on the planet, promoting seamless integration across a range of industries, and promoting the wide adoption of sustainable energy solutions are some of our goals.

Our Mision

To empower innovation and connectivity through reliable electrical components, fostering technological advancements that electrify a sustainable future.

Our Products

What Products We Offer

We offer a wide range of product by collaborating with different Brands

Tyco Electronics


Tyco Electronics enables Seamless Connectivity and Precision.



Enhance Your Electronics with MLCC Capacitors and Chip Resistors from Yageo

Naina Semiconducter


Use the Diodes, Thyristors, and Power Modules from Naina Semiconductors to enhance your electronic devices.



Welcome to our collection of Bourns Trimpot and Potentiometer parts



Discover the Power of Texas Instruments Integrated Circuits

Analog Devices


we integrate the physical and digital spheres to deliver the crucial intelligence



Improve Your Industrial PCBs and Power Supply Systems with Cutting-Edge Integrated Circuits



Improve Your Control Systems with Precision Relays, Switches, and Timers from Omron Group.



Utilize Panasonic Batteries, Your Reliable Energy Source, to Charge Your Devices.

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